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Visa Information and Support Letters

Visa information and requirements:

Most attendees will be able to apply for a visa electronically. Organizers, exhibitors and tutorial presenters may need to apply for a business visa. Check the URL above for details.

The IEEE Vehicular Technology Society is happy to write a letter of support for all attendees of VTC2017-Spring, provided that a valid registration and full payment is received PRIOR to requesting a letter. Be sure to confirm that payment has been received before requesting a letter or the request will be denied.

Please register if this has not been done already. Make note of the registration reference number and amount paid (both required). Registrants will receive a visa letter sent via email or FAX (when a fax number is supplied) by filling out the form below completely. A hard copy support letter can be requested from the Program Chair once the electronic copy has been issued.

Visa letter requests will be processed until 24 May 2017.
No visa letter requests will be processed after 24 May 2017.

Please allow 5 working days for processing
For questions contact

The government of Australia may check registrants
requesting a visa with the IEEE VTC2017-Spring Registration Database.

By requesting a visa letter, you give permission to
confirm your registration with the authorities in Australia.

If the original registrant cannot attend and is designating a substitute,
the database must be updated or the visa may be denied.
You can do this free of charge by contacting IEEE Registration Services.

Note: If the name in the registration database does not match the name on the visa letter request,
the request WILL BE denied.
Update the name on the registration prior to requesting a visa letter.

The registrant is responsible for making changes to their registration if necessary.

( *bold denotes required fields )
*Full final title of one paper to be presented (Authors) OR
*Purpose for attending VTC2017-Spring (Non-authors)
Title must match the TrackChair entry, and final paper must be submitted to IEEE Conference eXpress, or request will be denied
*Authors: TrackChair number of title above (required)
Non-authors: Leave blank
*Cvent Registration Confirmation Number  
*Amount paid USD$
*Address of registrant
Fax number (complete only if fax is needed)

Passport Information (will be provided to Australian government)

*Passport # 
*Issuing country 
*Date of birth (dd-MMM-yyyy, 01-Jan-1970) 


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